A new event in Verbier and the Val de Bagnes on the theme of upcycling and sustainability

Pur’Up – Upcycling Fair & Arts was conceived by the SKIBROA association in Verbier. An organising committee, chaired by Fredi C. Meyer, has been set up for the event.

Elodie Legros : Administration

Vincent Girardin : Corporate identity, Graphics, Website

Kim Witmer : Social Networks

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Fioretto, Vanessa Rueber, Romy Moret and all our sponsors and partners for their support

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In early 2020, the SKIBROA Association was founded in Verbier. Its primary objective is the reuse of used sports equipment (mainly skis & snowboards) that is otherwise destined for destruction. We give these materials a second life, with a new market and/or artistic value, by creating useful objects, fixtures, furniture and fittings, both indoor and outdoor. This is called upcycling. SKIBROA advocates respect for and protection of our environment, as well as shared cultural and social values.


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19.07.2023 - Notre communiqué de presse (PDF)